Ovaltine Brigadeiro Recipe

Ovaltine Brigadeiro Recipe

A lot of people like Ovaltine! This delicious ingredient that combines with milk, ice cream and milkshakes, is also wonderful in the Brigadeiro, did you know?

In the recipe that we will present here, we will prepare a brigadeiro with Ovaltine, making the sweet even more delicious with the crunchiness that Ovaltine has! Want to know how to prepare these delicious brigadeiros with just 3 ingredients?

So see now here on TudoReceitas the step-by-step with photos of this wonderful Ovaltine brigadeiro recipe and make it to delight, offer or sell!

Ingredients to make Brigadeiro de Ovaltine:

 1 can of condensed milk

 1 tablespoon unsalted butter

 5 tablespoons of Ovaltine with crispy flakes

 Ovaltine or granulated chocolate (to decorate)

How to make Brigadeiro de Ovaltine:

Separate the 3 ingredients needed to prepare this brigadeiro with Ovaltine recipe.

In a medium saucepan, add the condensed milk, butter and Ovaltine.

Mix all the ingredients well, with the heat still off, to dissolve the Ovaltine well, avoiding the formation of lumps.

Then turn on the heat and let the brigadeiro cook over low heat. During this time, stir without stopping, for about 10 minutes or until it has a firm and creamy consistency, dropping from the bottom of the pan, as shown in the photo below.

Turn off the heat and place the brigadeiro on a plate greased with butter. Cover with plastic wrap and let it cool a little at room temperature to start shaping the brigadeiros.

To roll the brigadeiros, grease your hands with butter (quickly and in a small amount), take equal-sized portions and roll the brigadeiros of Ovaltine in your hands, forming little balls.

Tip: The number of brigadeiros will depend on the size of the modeling you do.

Roll the brigadeiros in Ovaltine or chocolate sprinkles, then place them in the molds.

Tip: to remove excess Ovaltine from the brigadeiros, pass them through a sieve. That way they won't lose the standard round shape.

Brigadeiros de Ovaltine are ready for you to serve at an event, sell or enjoy at home with the family!

We hope you enjoyed this different brigadeiro recipe and bon appetit!

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